Sunday, May 12, 2013

C-Section Goody Bag

Hi again!
My cousin had a baby on Thursday! Happy Day!!! Beautiful baby Kenli was born a perfect 7 lbs and 20 inches. She is beautiful. 

Anways, when I called to talk to my cousin, she was not doing so hot at all. I did not have a c-section, so I was kind of lost. I wanted to bring her goodies, but really didn't have a clue as to what would be helpful or comforting. I searched around and also couldn't find any ideas, so here I am to inform you, if you're ever in this rut... or maybe I'm just clueless and you can all figure it out ;)

Here's A List:
- Her favorite snack
-Premade food* especially when they get home
-super low rise comfy BUT CUTE pants (not to irritate stitches)
-a flowy CUTE shirt
-A magazine or some sort of reading material (keep in mind, don't buy her "Sexiest Bikinis of the Summer" in  Cosmo or something, remember they just had a baby!)
-A nice chapstick
-Brush Ups or Listerine Strips for when company comes and they can't make it to the bathroom in time to freshen up
-A cute head band, because nobody wants to do their hair
-Clip on hand sanitizer 
-Cute sandals or slippers
-A listening, non judgmental ear... keep in mind how emotional we can get, especially at a time like this!
-A diaper changing offering
-Any travel side lotion, moisturizer or a nice shampoo for the hospital
-A date for their other children (if any) Nobody wants to worry about their other children in recovery!
-Tums, if their doctors allow
-Fuzzy socks
-A nice, loving card
-Your company

I think more than physical things, our friends, sisters, cousins, daughters, need our support more than anything. It's a super emotional time, and can be lonely if Dad has to go back to work or whatever the situation may be. Remember they're in the hospital for at least 5 days! If they have other children, don't let them stress over the kids! Take the other children to do something.

When it's home time, they're still not fully recovered. Prepared foods that are truly yummy and only require a microwave are perfect. Maybe a plastic chair for her shower if she doesn't have anything to rest on. Hang out with baby so she can go upstairs and nap. Don't ask to leave with the baby and take the baby somewhere. It might not be comfortable and you don't want to put her in an odd situation. DO NOT let her entertain you, they need to rest. Us women always have to put on our happy face and be good hosts. Don't let her! Give her a fresh pedi while baby naps. Anything you do, but first and foremost, be there for support! Hope this helps.. but again, I might just be the only silly one who didn't know what to do or get! Ha!

Anything that I missed? Did you have a c-section? Any requests for us super supportive friends and family?

Becca <3

21st Birthday Cupcakes

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing moms in the world!! I had such a great mother's day! Adam bought me a beautiful pink rose gold ring, and my parents got me awesome presents as well! I'm so blessed! And yes, I wore my tiara all day ;)
Had fun with my mommy, too! My brothers and I did a picture recreation! Super fun, and funny! She loved it!

So I haven't written in super long between babies being born in the family, finals week, selling those t-shirts to donate and tons of birthdays, I'm running like a crazy woman. BUT I made a cake, had an emergency cake decorating sesh and made cupcakes for two 21st birthday ladies! One of my friends is pregnant so she couldn't drink, but I took her out for virgin daquiries and we had fun nonetheless :)
Soooo yummy! 
So for my other friend, I obvi went alcoholic in our dessert choices. I decorated some cute cups that I put the cupcakes in. These were plastic from Shaws and I used e6000 glue, jewels and marabou to decorate. 
Then I thought, but wait... the cupcake must have something to cushion it on a round bottom. That's when vodka gummies jumped in my head! I soaked two packages of gummy bears in plain vodka for TWO DAYS. Remember that if you are planning on making these! They must soak for at least 48 hours! But let me tell you, they like triple in size and taste like a shot on their own. 

Directions are super simple for these. Submerge gummies in vodka. Cover and Refrigerate for at least two days.
Next is cupcakes! I made chocolate cupcakes, cored them out froze them. I then put a pudding shot inside the core, frosted quickly and froze them again until it was time to serve. I think coring then freezing makes it so that the cupcake doesn't get soggy and doesn't seep through into the cake. For decoration, I cut 21's out of fondant, and her name for her cupcake and applied disco dust. I did it ahead of time so it would be ready once the pudding shot was inside

Oreo Pudding Shot Recipe:
1 pkg Oreo Pudding
1/4 cup milk
1/4 cup vodka
1 nip UV Cake 
Directions: Mix together the mix and milk. Then stir in vodka and UV. Refrigerate. I know.. really difficult ;)

In putting it all together, I put the vodka gummies inside the bedazzled goblet and the cupcake on top! Here's the finished product..

The inside with the pudding shot 
For the under 21-ers, or designated drivers, like myself, I made a few non alcoholics! I marked these with white frosting and a decoration of light purple.

And also... if you're wondering why we were in the car, it's because the restaurant she wanted to go to had a 50 minute wait, so we chowed some cupcakes in the car! Life's short, eat dessert first!!!!! :-) 

I made a mermaid cake, too, which was sooooo fun!
Going to post one more time- unrelated :)
Happy alcoholic baking! 
Love Becca :)

PS: I don't think it's worth it to bake alcohol into cupcakes, because it's expensive and bakes out anyway! Save that, and save ya money!