Monday, April 22, 2013

Boston Marathon Relief


Writing super fast (Lil is about to wake up) to let you know that I've decided to print up some t-shirts and wristbands to benefit those injured in the Boston Marathon. It hit really close to home, and I felt the urge to do something for sure. I designed these t-shirts and would LOVE to send a huge check their way. Some people who provided for their families may never work again. Insurance does NOT cover everything and these people are going to live a long struggle. Like the face book Donations for Boston Marathon Victims to donate, order a t-shirt or wristband! 100% of profits will be going to the One Fund Boston by Deval Patrick and Tom Menino. Please reach in your hearts to help from these horrible tragedies!

Thank you :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

My Favorite Handmade Shops

Long time, no post! I had a really concentrated amount of cake orders, and then a nice calm, break. I had one cake recently and have been enjoying my time off! I have a cake to do towards the end of this month that I am just ITCHING to do, but no details, because the recipient may be reading! ;) Here's a birthday cake I made:

So in my break time I have been working my butt off at the gym and planning for crafts and fun stuff to come. I'll be posting a summerish craft tutorial, but it goes with the cake so no clues! Today, I want to talk about my favorite handmade stores and such (etsy and facebook pages) I've done LOTS of searching around and am picky with what styles I buy for Lily.

So many bow makers charge frankly too much, or maybe just too much for me. My favorite bow place is Kota's Bowtique (link here). Her bows are beautiful, nicely made, heat sealed edges, many caps to choose from, occasional clays and most importantly- the perfect price! She also posts sales every so often, like yesterday... which of course I could not resist. Buy 5 bows, get 2 free! How awesome?! She's friendly and has great service. Highly suggest you check her out. Also, she offers different sizes, which is important because Lily looks silly with a gigantic bow on her head, but you certainly want it big enough. You can customize every part of the bow and she is willing to work with it! Her bows were the ones around Lily's Easter basket. Thanks Kota's Bowtique! This is one of my favorites we ordered:

Another important bow maker to check out is Mommy Crafts A Lot. Now I started following her ages ago, and now she's an A-list celeb in bow world. She makes YouTube videos (link here) on many different things, but mainly bow techniques... Unfortunately, bow making just was not my cup of tea. But, she also has a facebook page! Here, she not only sells her bows but promotes MANY other makers and has the biggest auctions featuring tons of different stuff. (check her out) If you're not into the types of bows I am, this page will direct you where to go. Tons of different styles and shops, and often getting you a good deal. MCAL's bows are amazing also, but people bid on them for unspeakable prices!

Leading me to my next point- if you auction, be a savvy auctioner. Check the boutique before bidding way higher than they regularly sell for. I know that's the point, but I only have x amount to spend on fun things like bows, and I'm looking for a bargain.

My go to tutu set girl is Bethanie's Boutique (facebook here) or (etsy here). I splurged a bit on Lily's first birthday outfit, and got her a GORGEOUS set to match her theme. The set was a personalized onesie with a tutu and hair piece. It's currently featured as Bethanie's profile picture!! Here is Lily in her set:

As you can see, beautiful work! Please pay attention to her turnaround time- as any shop- and order in advance to be safe. She's popular, but surely affordable. I ordered two new baby cousins' a set for a unique baby shower gift. Way adorable, and again, willing to work with anything. Super nice woman as well! Thank you Bethanie's Boutique! 

Finally- in regards to all Etsy Goods, do your shopping. Look around for the best price! For instance- I wanted to send my cousin a present in the mail and came across those Future Mrs. _____ rhinestone sweatshirts. SO CUTE. Some of them sold for around $60! I got mine for $33 from My One Stop Bling Shop. I also got a clearance rhinestone tank for my maid of honor cousin. Great prices. Look around the end of each season or year. Stores like to put out new styles every year and often get rid of their "old" ones. Can't wait to show you the lacey outfit I bought on clearance from Etsy in a photo shoot in two weeks. 

What's your favorite bow place? Where do you find great prices?! 
Do your research and happy shopping!!!

Love Becca