Friday, March 8, 2013

18th Birthday Cake

Hello! Writing in the midst of a huge storm... yes again! My mom, Lil and I just got back from toys r us, though, and she got a new stroller to push her babies around in. She's very pleased! Any who, I made my best friend's little sister's 18th birthday cake and am pretty happy with how it came out! It's vanilla on vanilla, but I dyed the frosting pink to look pretty. I used Duff Goldman fondant, but was a teeny bit disappointed because the color was definitely not the shade on the tub. Oh well! My DIY cake topper turned out not matching in shade because the fondant wasn't the right shade. Nevertheless, it's still glittery and pretty. Here it is!

Quick suggestion- when doing things polka dotted, like the name , I put the polka dots on the fondant BEFORE cutting out, therefore, I can get the effect better with some going off the edge. Also, I always use shimmer dust (or pearl dust) where I can. I found it much better to literally put a little in my hand and blow it onto to the cake like fairy dust. It settles over the cake is such a pretty way and never clumps. I'll be delivering tomorrow and really hope she likes it! Happy 18th Brittany! You're finally legal :) 

Night! -Becca

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