Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Hello! So here I am on my first blog and my daughter is already calling "mama, mama!" uhh... To be continued already!

Alright a few hours later I'm back- So I love to write and I'd love to incorporate all of my passions in one place. I think this blog will have a little bit of everything. Lots of cakes, for sure!

Here's a bit about me. My name is Becca and I live in Massachusetts! My life revolves around my beautiful, crazy, smart and loving one year old Lillianna. She is the best thing to ever happen to me for sure. You'll definitely hear about her. I love to shop like nobody's business and will surely post a good deal, too. My best finds are cheap and cute baby clothes.I only buy sales and clearance!! I love to bake, but I only know desserts. My grandma is my inspiration to bake. She was the best of the best. I hope to make her proud. I love to spend time with my family, my boyfriend and a few friends. I'm a student studying Elementary Education and English. I've been baking since I can remember and have just recently started fondant work. I've had a few orders and am charging solely for materials until I get more experience. Ill post some of my work when I get to a computer! You can always count on me to make a mistake in my work! It NEVER goes smoothly, and I plan to be honest. Lots of fixing of mistakes and pictures on the way. But nevertheless, I would never sell something until completely satisfied! Most everything I do is bedazzled, glittery and girly!

My first order of business will be DIY cupcake toppers or DIY cake toppers. These things can be sold on etsy or at craft stores, but for much less money can be made on your own AND would be personalized!!

I have many cakes this month, a few birthdays and a baby shower! This Saturday I have an 18th birthday cake for my friends little sister. The theme is typical girly so I will certainly post!!

I am super excited to post and hope to gain a few readers! Thanks for reading!!


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