Monday, March 11, 2013

DIY Cupcake Toppers


So tonight was like one of the best nights ever for a few reasons!! 1. I got a special package from my beautiful cousin whose wedding is in December asking to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!!! I've never been a bridesmaid and am so beyond excited! It means so incredibly much to me and I am about to go pinterest crazy!!! I'm so happy for her and so touched that she wants me to be in her wedding! EEEEEEK!!! :)
2. I got to spend time with my best friend! This is unusual because she is a world traveler, volunteering in Africa, family in Lebanon, etc. She's off to Florida next and had to say goodbye again! Stinks, but I had a really good night with her and am super happy to spend time with her!
3. I'm totally weaning Lily and she fell asleep after only 15-20 minutes of tears tonight instead of last night which was 45 min-1 hr! Woo hoo!
4. I finished my cupcake toppers for this weekend's birthday festivities that is this weekends job and am almost done with a topper that's also due! Yay!

ANYWAYS! I just wanted to stress before I start my tutorial that I don't think I'm a pro or anything and don't want people to think that I think I'm all that... my point in writing is that I'm just starting out and figuring out as I go. If you have a better idea or more tips, feel free to comment and give me more ideas! I'm just sharing what I learn in hopes to inspire others :) No where near an expert and don't want to come off that way. So here are the toppers, the party is Dora the Explorer.

Now I will use pictures to show you how I made these through Microsoft word!!
A computer and a printer (paper, too)
Scrapbook Paper
Lollipop Sticks
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon (optional)

So first, I went on the Google and searched Dora the Explorer. I found an image with a white background and pasted to Microsoft Word. If you're having trouble finding an image literally search "with white background" or "portrait" after the characters name. Next, I shrunk the picture to the top corner of the page. Now, I've screen shotted the next few:

So! How easy?! Next, I looked up more images I'd like to use, and did words like Happy Birthday, and 2 and such etc. After this, I printed them out and picked out scrapbook paper that went with my color scheme.   Thanks Sierra for letting me look through! Next, I free handed a flower-ish bump-ish border and cut them out!

(Sorry it's blurry! Using cell pictures with a baby pulling at my leg!!) And then cut!!!

Now, I took out my lollipop sticks and hot glued my little creation to it's stick. I also tied a mini bow and hot glued that as well. I thought tying the bow ahead of time instead of tying it around the stick would prevent slippage and allow you the perfect bow! I trimmed the bottom of the ribbon to size and got this! My ribbon, by the way, was 4 rolls for a 1$, saw it on sale on my Michael's App! You HAVE to get that bad boy, so useful!

I am so sorry I rotated my pictures like a million times and they are still sideways! UGH! But back to toppers- I think they're perfect for customizing your own! If you're really good, you could paste picture's of birthday boy/girls face and you can write what ever and do whatever pattern. I think they're a really awesome touch of extra effort that can go a mile. They sell these on Etsy and are now selling them in stores, but hey, you can personalize them yourself and save money. Hope you enjoyed, will post pictures of the cupcakes topped Later! Also, almost done with my DIY cake topper. Will post ASAP. Thank you sososo much for reading :) Night!


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