Monday, March 18, 2013

Deals, deals, deals! Bargain Hunting for Baby Clothes

Today, I found the cutest dresses ever for Lily and you'll never guess where! I just wanted to do a quick post on where I find the best deals and also ask you guys, where do you find the best deals? So the dresses are below and they were 16.99 a piece at Cosco!!! Yes, cosco has such cute baby clothes at unbeatable prices! I bought three because we have a few events coming up, but these dresses are so beautiful. The brand was Jona Michelle. If you don't have a membership, which you need to shop, tag along someone who does! I don't have one but my parents do. Formula, wipes and diaps are all less expensive in bulk!

I often find great deals at Old Navy, too, for me and Lily both. They have large clearance sections and occasionally run a 15-20% off clearance items sale. Recently I went and bought tons of summer tanks that were around 40¢ a piece! Crazy cheap!! Check out the outfit I found there too, way too cute to leave on the rack!! (At the end, blue and white polka dots) They have the cutest stuff of all time for babies and toddlers and have a wide variety of jeans selection. Personally, I don't think anyone will know the clearance is last season ;)

Target has a super cheap clearance section, too. Their clothes are inexpensive to begin with, so the clearance is always good. But keep your eye on the 'was this price, now this price' tag. If its not a lot of money off of that first price, hold off if you think it'll still be there. It'll go down more! I'm a clearance snoot... I wait for mega low prices!

Believe it or not, gymboree, also. Their original prices are crazy for sure. They do have lots of clearance in the back. Also, check their site before you go in, because they always run 40% off the entire store sales. And definitely shop during gym bucks! You can earn gym bucks that'll be good in a few weeks earning you like 50$ worth for 25$ or 100$ for 50$. You get the point!

Occasionally, I find cheap prices at Children's Place. I honestly don't go in a lot, but when the season's change their stuff is super cheap!! I got Lily a hat and mittens set that matched her winter coat for 1.99 a piece originally 8$ or something!! I believe they also run 40% off entire store days, but I could be wrong.

I highly suggest checking out websites before you go in to stores. Always shop with coupons in hand! Now stores are letting you scan your phones and stuff, too, so make sure to be aware if you can save some dough!

An awesome time to shop is the changing of seasons in general. Especially the new year!!! I find the best sales in late December or early January. Even on etsy, I found Lil and her friend lace rompers for super cheap because the shop owner wanted all new inventory, as most stores do. Buy for next year if you can estimate your child's size. But make sure you have room to store the clothes!

As far as baby clothes go, check yard sales in the summer. If they're not stained or yucky, just wash and sanitize!! I hit some great yard sales last year and Lily always looks good if I do say so myself. ;)

I'm honestly not a big Walmart shopper for clothes for her. I bought her a dress there and it literally ripped in like 3 places on the first day. Yes, you get what you pay for, but if its clearance it was originally more!

Do you have any tips for shopping? Any deals or stores I should check out?! Let me know in a comment below!! Lil and I are shopaholics and would love to be pointed in a new direction!

Also, I appreciate your reads so much and am so beyond happy if you guys pin or repin my blog. It means a lot in all sincerity!!!

Happy Shopping!

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